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When it’s time for filling vats or cooking oil disposal, carrying full buckets of frying oil and pouring it out creates the potential for burns, slip-and-fall accidents, and other injuries. Our system automates all contact with frying oil, helps prevent accidents, reduces insurance premiums, and otherwise keeps kitchens cleaner and operators more profitable.

The problem is, not everyone is listening. When operators choose to not employ our system, or frankly, any of the other automated systems now widely available on the market, employees are put at risk. So the statistics continue. Burns. Slips. Falls. The numbers stack up. But they aren’t numbers. They’re people. They’re our daughters, sons, wives, husbands, and grandkids.

They are Matthew Bowcott. His story is shocking. His story is hard to watch. But his story might just make someone do something.



of all foodservice general liability insurance claims are slip-and-fall accidents.1



Hot grease causes more than half of all injuries among restaurant workers.2

Matthew Bowcott

Survivor. Hot oil almost cost me my life.
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$2 billion

The foodservice industry spends more than $2 billion each year for these slip-and-fall injuries.3


12 thousand

The foodservice industry experiences the highest number of burns of any employment sector, about 12,000 each year.4

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