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Bulk Fresh Cooking Oil Tanks

Smart Oil Management™ fresh oil products from Frontline International, Inc. are available in bulk tank system configurations that can be located in kitchen areas, inside remote locations or outdoors for the ultimate in floor plan flexibility. With our optional digital reader technologies, the level of fresh cooking oil available in a containment tank is constantly monitored and indicated on an LED panel. 

All of our heavy gauge stainless steel bulk oil tanks can be plumbed directly to the fryer for a 100%-automated oil management solution, or if your fryer does not have a built in oil filtration pump, we have a fresh oil pump station that will move the oil for you. Whichever you choose, hands-free and direct-to-the-vat meets vastly improved employee safety and less employee down time, and labor savings.

Tank capacity 900Lb/120Gal (408.2kg/452.2 l)
Tank capacity 900Lb/120Gal (408.2kg/452.2 l)