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You have a small, short-on-space convenience store? A challenging commercial kitchen on multiple levels or floors? Whether you are a small operator in food court, a university with fryers all over campus, or a stand-alone restaurant that ties cash registers to kitchens to prompt fryer top-off based on food orders, Frontline International installs and integrates its Smart Oil Management systems seamlessly.

We are the experts when it comes to the complexities of installation engineering. And we install with zero disruption to your business, even if you’re a 24/7 operator. Whatever size or shape your space, whatever your business hours or volume, when we handle an installation we bring the experience and know-how to get you up and running quickly.

Fresh oil, the easier way

Frontline International’s proprietary, fully automated EZ Oil™ Fresh Oil Dispensing System is a superior oil management and storage solution in comparison to bulk oil in tanks. You purchase your choice of fresh oil in boxes or jugs. Store them on EZ Oil dispensing racks—and then oil can be directly plumbed into your fryers to fill or top off as needed. If you have multiple fryers or multiple kitchens, we can upgrade the standard three-box dispensing configuration to link multiple EZ Oil racks, increasing fill capacity. Rest easy; we can engineer and install the solution that’s right for your needs.

Tanks, but no dumpsters

Many people think a waste oil containment system needs to be located near the fryer, or in a warehouse, or behind the building (that is, in a nasty dumpster). Not anymore.

We find pathways inside walls and ceilings to locate remote plumbing to move oil in ways it could never have been moved before. Need to hook up fryers on multiple floors to a single storage tank with an exterior-only port? Not a problem. No room inside for a tank? Our storage tanks can be situated indoors or outdoors, and all collection ports have a secure, anti-theft locking valves to thwart would-be oil thieves.

The site analysis is key

Let us fully analyze your site and work out the “how” of making it happen. There are no physical space challenges we can’t work to overcome to help you get oil into your fryers and waste oil and grease out of buckets and dumpsters. And every installation we do makes employees’ jobs safer and easier and more cost-effective for you to own and operate.

For even more efficiencies, you can opt to have our award-winning M3 Data Management System, a web-based software package that connects you with a dashboard for tracking oil usage, standardizing filtration, scheduling pickups, measuring diagnostics, and more.

There’s a better way to engineer and install the exact cooking oil system you need for efficiently and safely handling fresh oil and waste oil. Call us.