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TRY before you buy,
Brand ambassador Program

For qualifying companies, it is sometimes better to try before you buy. Often, for large chains, it is essential to test different oil conveyance methods and other particulars of an oil management program in order to ensure the entire footprint will be well served by the product recommendations. Certain volumes are required. Please contact customer service to inquire.


A Provider of Cooking Oil Recycling Through Filtration of Waste Cooking Oil

Step One

Allow Frontline International™ to survey three of your stores.

  • We will assess your current cooking oil management processes.
  • We will ask you to complete our Key Performance Index worksheet. 
  • To complete the assessment, we will need to consult with operations and safety team leaders for the chain or franchise group.
  • We will determine a product mix that provides the best options with respect to cooking oil recycling and filtration of waste cooking oil and that provides increased process safety as well as cost savings.
  • In addition, we will present empirically how our recommended solution will consistently provide cost savings by way of ROI, since our industry-leading, UL-Certified, factory-warranted equipment would be yours to own.

Step Two

We would include the three surveyed stores in our Brand Ambassador Program.

  • This program offers partner companies a 90-day trial of all equipment recommended in the survey.
  • Installation is paid for by Frontline International. There is no risk to you.
  • In return, the partner can measure the promise of our equipment solutions and make decisions based on shared empirical evidence.
  • Proposed equipment will include Frontline International’s waste oil containment system and EZ Oil fresh oil dispensing system. You will be able to track trial results using our M3 data management system.
  • At the end of the term, we're confident you will want to continue saving and will planning installations at additional stores.