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Tank capacity 2650 lb/353 Gal (1202 kg/1336.3 l)

  • Outdoor configuration; tank insulated to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Freestanding, 43 in. (1092 mm) diameter x 80 in. (2032 mm) height
  • UL, UL Sanitation Listed (U.S. and Canada)
  • Suitable for Direct-Plumbed®, pump station or caddy systems
  • One year warranty on all parts and components
  • Worldwide delivery and installation available


Your existing fryer is plumbed to a secure waste oil holding tank.



Direct-Plumbed® System

Transfer oil with our fully automated system to ensure you never touch cooking oil again. Fryers are plumbed to a secure waste-oil holding tank. Push a button; oil flows directly to the waste-oil tank.

Other oil transfer systems at right/below.

Pump Station

Pump Station Options

Fryer has no filtration pump? You can still plumb right to the tank, but you will need one of these!


Caddy Options

Not ready to install plumbing? Caddy the oil from fryer to tank.