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Convenience Stores


Consumers want to minimize the number of stops they make while on the go, so you’re already offering sandwiches, fries, and other hot snacks when they come in to your store. But “quick and convenient” doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. And, as quick-service and fast-food restaurants already know, properly managing fryer oil is one of the keys to consistent food quality.

Getting the right equipment

After doing hundreds of installations in convenience stores, Frontline International is an expert at overcoming the challenges of cramped spaces. We know that finding space for fresh and waste oil storage and handling can be difficult. Our experienced install teams are able to run oil-plumbing lines creatively from your fryer to a secure oil-storage tank so floors and food prep areas stay cleaner and safer.

The right equipment not only fits the business and operates efficiently, but also helps ensure employee safety. With Frontline International’s Smart Oil Management systems, your staff won’t have to hand carry messy and dangerous buckets of hot oil to a dumpster out back. With just the push of a button, oil leaves your fryer and is transferred directly to the containment tank. Storage tanks can be located outside, thanks to Frontline International’s locking anti-theft device, which can be easily controlled remotely via our M3 data management system. And if your system doesn’t include filtration, we can add that, improving food flavor and increasing your oil yields and profits from your renderer.

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How we work

With Frontline International, you own the equipment. No rental, no contracts, no hidden fees. We make it easy for you to get what you need. To ensure that, we first conduct a detailed survey to determine the best equipment and configuration for your needs and your space. Then we present shop drawings for your review. Upon your approval, we’ll build your product and plumbing setup, installing it overnight without any disruption of your business, even if you operate 24/7.

Then we’ll make sure you understand how everything works so you can train employees on the newer, safer, easier method of dealing with cooking oil. Installing Frontline International equipment can also boost productivity while reducing the risk of burns and slip-and-fall accidents. Make it easier for employees to deliver quality food and safer for them to do the job.