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Without reservation, we recommend Smart Oil Management

Every aspect of a guest’s stay helps create a visit to remember. Food is no small part of the experience, and hotels and resort properties face unique challenges in serving hundreds or thousands of guests—sometimes around the clock, 365 days a year. One solution to the challenge of saving money and increasing margins on food is managing fresh cooking oil use and waste oil containment.

Frontline International has the experience you need for organizing multiple kitchen setups and streamlining oil management for the safest, most efficient operations, no matter the size of your property. Whether you’re handling a corporate event, serving guests at a resort’s many restaurants, or keeping up with the demand of room service orders, we provide solutions that ensure both safe oil handling and Smart Oil Management.

Preventing kitchen accidents should be a priority. You already know that given little downtime, employees might take shortcuts in the interest of speed. Their safety can be compromised. Taking steps to lower the risks of slip-and-fall accidents caused by spilled cooking oil and burn injuries from carrying buckets of hot oil is not just smart business, it can dramatically affect the bottom line—and can even increase job satisfaction for your employees.

Getting the right equipment

Your oil usage, typical volume of orders, space challenges, and budget all play into equipment and installation decisions. For example, Frontline International’s easy-to-use Direct-Plumbed® push-button waste oil management system sends oil directly from fryers to containment tanks. It means no one will have to hand carry buckets of oil through kitchens to a nasty dumpster, which can be unsightly, unsanitary, and a target for waste-oil thieves. And waste oil stored in your secure Frontline International indoor or outdoor containment tanks can be sold and recycled to make biodiesel, another source of profit for you.

Opt for our award-winning M3 Data Management System, and you can Monitor, Measure, and Manage the data on your fresh oil supply and the volume of oil you use, change, and collect in any given time period. You can track it all—online, from your phone, laptop, or tablet, 24/7. The M3 web-based software system works with all of Frontline’s fresh oil and waste oil systems.

No matter which of our Smart Oil Management configurations you decide on, you can increase efficiency and safety and decrease oil costs and injuries.

Finally, we are experts at installing on your timetable, even when your facilities must continuously operate. We’ll transform your kitchen without interruption of service. Call us to arrange for a free site analysis.