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Non-Commercial Dining


Preparing and serving food to guests in settings other than commercial restaurants has its special challenges, whether it’s the company cafeteria, a military base, or a healthcare facility. Serving hundreds of diners at once in a high-volume operation requires kitchen equipment that can help increase efficiencies, maintain consistent food quality, and reduce the likelihood of injuries to your staff.

Need a better way to manage and centralize cooking oil use and waste oil containment when your kitchens are in multiple buildings on or several floors? What if you just lease a small foodservice operation in a recreation facility? The answer lies in our customizable Smart Oil Management systems.

Getting the right equipment

Frontline International is a consultant, designer, and manufacturer of industry-leading equipment and services for the storage, handling, and disposal of cooking oil. After doing more than 20,000 installations, we get what’s important to you: ease of use, timesaving operation, and safety for employees. Handling hot oil is dangerous business, and any amount of spilled oil is slippery and hazardous on your floors.

To that end, we’ve designed innovative oil-management systems that reduce liability while also meeting any unique site requirements. Ask about our award-winning EZ Oil® System that plumbs fresh oil directly to fill or top off your fryers. When fryer oil becomes waste oil, we help you get it cleanly to the containment tanks—automatically, by pump station, or by caddy—to hold for the renderer’s pickup. The less handling of fry oil by hand, the better. So, no matter the size of your operation, we can engineer a system that eliminates the dangers and increases productivity.

How we work

With Frontline International, you own your equipment. No rental, no contracts, no hidden fees. Get what you need—no more, no less. To ensure that, we first conduct a thorough site analysis to determine the best equipment and configuration for your needs and your space. Then we present shop drawings for your review. Upon your approval, we’ll build your product and plumbing setup, installing it overnight without any disruption of your operation.

For high-volume operations where managing efficiencies is a special challenge, we offer our optional M3 Data Management System. M3 allows you to Monitor, Measure and Manage your cooking oil online, even in locations with fryers on different floors and with multiple oil storage tanks. Call for a free consultation and site audit.