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Full-Service Restaurants

Work smarter, not harder

With the public’s increasing interest in food quality and the influence of restaurant reviews online, the pressure has increased on full-service restaurants to make a good and lasting impression on guests. Whether you are an independent owner/operator of a high-end bistro, the chef/owner of a small-town diner, or the owner or manager of a casual chain restaurant, you are probably working harder to ensure guest satisfaction and repeat business.

Let us help you work smarter in the kitchen. Food quality is key: food prepared with consistent appearance and taste helps establish and maintain your brand’s reputation. But other key considerations are margins, productivity, and safety. In your kitchen, installing Frontline International Smart Oil Management equipment pays off in boosting productivity through automation, reducing waste, and reducing the risk of accidents caused by handling dangerous hot oil.

Getting the right equipment

For full-service restaurants, Frontline International’s Smart Oil Management systems help ensure that cooking oil is maximized to yield the highest-quality fried product—from filling the fryers to filtering the oil until it becomes waste oil and then storing it properly and securely until it’s picked up by the renderer.

Whether you need a simple oil caddy system to improve productivity and safety for a small family restaurant or a completely automated system for a chain store, your volume dictates how you should move waste oil. Frontline International will show you the best way to manage cooking oil for your type of facility.

We’ll also help you keep your kitchen safer for employees—because no one should have to pour jugs of oil into fryers, and no one should ever hand carry buckets of hot oil to a dumpster in the back parking lot. That’s dangerous, and dumpsters are smelly and attract vermin. Not exactly the image you want customers to take away when they leave your establishment after a good meal.

Data management boosts productivity, saves money

Want to know how often the fryer oil is being changed when you aren’t there? Our optional M3 data management system lets you electronically Monitor, Measure, and Manage your oil from your phone, tablet, or computer connected to the internet. Need to ensure no fresh oil is going unused? Our fresh oil storage racks hold jugs or boxes upside-down to ensure complete emptying. No built-in filtration system on your fryers? Our waste oil systems can provide an oil pump station to filter the oil for more consistent shortening life, and again before it goes into the storage tank, yielding a higher quality, more valuable product for your renderer. And we’ll install your new system overnight or whenever works so you can avoid a shut-down of your operations.

Frontline International equipment solutions can dramatically improve on your existing frying practices and waste oil handling and translate to more consistent, more efficient, and safer management of cooking oil. That’s why we’ve done more than 20,000 installations for over 200 international clients. Call us, join them, and work smarter.