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Sustainability and efficiency are necessary aspects of today’s student and faculty dining facilities in institutions of higher education. Efficiently managing cooking oil and reducing waste are key aspects of sustainable kitchen design, so adding Frontline International’s Smart Oil Management™ systems can help determine your success.

No matter how old your buildings are or what challenges you face with space and safety requirements, Frontline International fresh oil and waste oil equipment can enhance your sustainability efforts. Multi-station setups? We can easily integrate systems and locations to help you centralize operations.

Getting the right equipment

Your oil usage, sales volume, space challenges, and budget all play into equipment and installation decisions. For example, our easy-to-use Direct-Plumbed® push-button waste oil management system can be ideal if you have student employees—young workers are at a higher risk of injury on the job according to the BLS. No one should have to carry buckets of oil through kitchens and up and down stairs, and dumpsters are unsightly and unsanitary.

Used oil stored in your containment tanks can be sold and recycled to make biodiesel, another source of profit for you. And your waste oil and grease no longer goes into a nasty dumpster or the sewer. No matter which Frontline International oil management system you decide on, there are benefits of every degree.

“I tell people, ‘If you can find room for a hot water heater, you can find room for a Frontline storage tank.’ ”
Robert Leandro, Director for Harvard University Dining Services Operations & Facilities

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How we work

Frontline International operates differently from other fry oil equipment providers. You own your equipment. You select your own oil and renderers and negotiate your own rebates. Our only interest is the best system for your setup—no fees, no contracts, no rental.

Call us, and we’ll conduct a detailed survey to determine the best equipment and configuration for your needs and your space. Then we’ll present shop drawings for your review. Upon your approval, we’ll build your product and plumbing setup, installing it overnight so we won’t disrupt your schedule.