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Frontline International and Cargill are pleased to announce the Kitchen Controller™ automated oil management system, designed to provide customers a smarter, easier, and cost-efficient way to maintain fry oil quality for the crispy, great tasting food that keeps customers coming back.

The Kitchen Controller leverages Frontline International’s highly engineered equipment and Smart Oil Management® expertise and Cargill's deep knowledge of the foodservice industry to provide foodservice operators with an integrated, intelligent approach to oil management. Examples include informing fresh oil top-off, filtration intervals, and precisely when to dump oil. The user-friendly touchpad connects wirelessly to the system to easily view metrics, optimize costs, and assess oil quality—at any time.

There was an unmet need in the industry for end-to-end oil management. There are competitors in the oil space that provide oil products. Other competitors provide bulk oil supply and used oil collection. Still others provide oil-quality data with limited actions or recommendations. The Kitchen Controller system brings to market a product that meets ALL of the customer’s needs. Finally, a true end-to-end solution!


Oil Quality Sensor

Simply lower the wand’s probe into the oil, hold for oil quality reading, and the system does the rest. The information becomes usable, actionable data that is fed to a touchscreen pad mounted near the fryer. There is no guesswork: green, yellow, and red on-screen indicators prompt tasks that optimize oil life and food quality.


Proprietary software provides analysis of oil quality data and triggers recommended actions based on algorithms programmed into the system that are informed by decades of research on optimal oil quality. Notifications on oil quality, fryer vat volume, fresh-oil supply, used-oil tank volume, and more are collected, and the system records any changes in these measurements. Actions can be completed at the touch of a button, such as continue oil maintenance, top-off oil, take new oil quality measurement, schedule used oil pickup, and more.

Oil Management Services

Frontline International contributes complete oil-handling infrastructure including fresh oil dispensing, used oil collection, and used oil containment.