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Latest News

Frontline International Introduces Direct Plumb® Oven System

June 09 2021

In busy commercial kitchens, fats, oils, and greases are generated by many different pieces of cooking equipment alongside fryers. Grills, rotisser...

Cargill, Frontline International partner to bring automated cooking oil management system to the foodservice industry

May 17 2021

Put Grease into Sustainable Biofuel, Not Sewer Drains

MINNEAPOLIS — The foodservice industry is under intense pres...

Frontline International Introduces Reversible Pump Filtration Machine

September 02 2020

When is a vegan dish not a vegan dish? When it’s fried in the same oil as meat-based foods. Even if you regularly filter your cooking oil, standard...

The Super Cooking Oil Collection and Cleanup Solution for Supercenter Food Operations

July 16 2020

In many communities, retail supercenters have replaced the town square, offering a collection of products—including food—that in days gone by used ...

Frontline International Celebrates 20th Anniversary

June 26 2020

The year 2000 wasn’t just the start of a new millennium, it also ushered in a new era in cooking oil handling for foodservice. That was the year Fr...

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