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Waste Cooking Oil Mobile Caddy Systems

grill grease

The Caddy System is a great method for transporting used cooking oil to containment tanks when it is either not feasible or cost-restrictive to plumb a direct line from the fryer to the containment tank. Waste cooking oil can be safely and effectively drained into the stainless steel transport caddy, which can then be easily wheeled to a Frontline remote pump station — with no risk of oil spills or messy oil on hands. Then the waste oil is similarly pumped into the Frontline containment tank for later collection.

CaddyFlow™ systems are our least expensive and still one of the best, helping thousands of customers whose tight quarters, older fryer equipment, or limited budgets make more automated systems impossible. All Frontline systems are forever upgradable! And cooking oil filter caddies are available, too!

  • Many sizes, many options!
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Smooth rolling heavy-duty, non-mark casters; swivel front casters with brakes
  • UL, UL Sanitation Listed
  • One-year warranty on all components.
1) Lift caddy lid.
  • 1) Lift caddy lid.
  • 2) Slide under fryer. Pump waste into caddy.
  • 3) Close and secure lid. Wheel to tank.
  • 4) Plug caddy in to engage pump.
  • 5) Use quick disconnect hoses to connect to tank. Push and hold “Push to Pump”.



Direct-Plumbed® System

Transfer oil with our fully automated system to ensure you never touch cooking oil again. Fryers are plumbed to a secure waste-oil holding tank. Push a button; oil flows directly to the waste-oil tank.

Other oil transfer systems at right/below.

Pump Station

Pump Station Options

Fryer has no filtration pump? You can still plumb right to the tank, but you will need one of these!


Caddy Options

Not ready to install plumbing? Caddy the oil from fryer to tank.