In the beginning, there was no category by which to compare. It had to be invented.

A history built on innovation

Just a short time ago, used cooking oil was an unwanted byproduct restaurateurs paid to have removed from their premises. Frontline was driven to expand the infrastructure for commercial kitchens’ cooking oil to make this integral ingredient cleaner, safer, and more profitable for operators. We’re a company lead by engineers using technology to develop common-sense solutions to foodservice kitchens’ dirtiest problems, with a reach that circles the globe.

We are consultants, designers, and manufacturers with a mechanical engineering acumen.

Recognition for our innovation

Frontline International has since been awarded 30+ patents. It has evolved to include proprietary systems for fresh oil management, data-driven software to monitor and manage oil usage remotely, and high-tech oil management solutions that give operators greater control. Along the way, Frontline has been awarded three Kitchen Innovations Awards, including two in consecutive years (2012 and 2013; the most recent award came in 2022).

From the garage to the globe.

Frontline International is the world’s leading manufacturer of smart cooking oil management systems for commercial kitchens. It all started 22 years ago in a garage outside Cleveland, Ohio.

We’ve come a long way and will continue to grow our business and our facility to better serve the needs of our customers. The ultimate goal is for every single step in the manufacturing process to be controlled in-house. We’re well on our way. Here’s a look at the steps we’ve taken since our beginning.

The Evolution of Frontline


Frontline International is started in John Palazzo’s garage in Copley, Ohio. Manufacturing consists of assembly only.


Moved out of the garages to first official facility (7,000 square feet) in Barberton, Ohio.


Introduced welding beginning stated goal of becoming a 100% vertically integrated manufacturer.


Moved into a new 18,000 square foot headquarters — our current location, in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.


Added forming to our manufacturing processes.


Plant expansion. More than doubled capacity to 36,000 square feet, deepening manufacturing capacity.


Invested in mutli-million dollar industrial laser cutting manufacturing.


Our next steps are dictated by listening to the needs of our customers. We will continue investment in R&D, creating a digital lab for our M3 user-interface and making it easier to control the quality of fried food.

We will grow our sales force and distribution to make it more convenient for customers to access the solutions they need.