Stay profitable amid rising wages, a shrinking workforce pool, and high turnover.

Automation allows your stores to maintain
or improve productivity with fewer workers.

Cooking oil recycling automation also cuts down on training needs, vital with high turnover, by transforming formerly complex critical kitchen functions into foolproof, single-step, push-button actions.

We offer a choice of automated, direct-plumbed systems for both fresh and used cooking oil, which send the oil directly to its destination with minimal or no handling by employees.

Auto Top-Off

The EZ-Oil fresh cooking oil dispensing equipment’s auto top-off feature saves restaurants thousands of dollars in oil each year simply by maintaining the proper amount of oil in the vat. Synchronized with each order, it disperses a precisely calibrated amount of cooking oil into the fryer vat to offset the amount absorbed into food. This helps slow the natural degradation of oil that occurs during fryer, maximizing freshness.

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Kitchen Controller®

The sensor wand reads fryer oil quality. Kitchen Controller assesses the information and displays recommendations on the interactive tablet. Worker executes recommended action at the touch of the screen.

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M3 Smart Oil Management®

M3 data management system tracks all cooking oil statistics daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also track oil usage and filtration, schedule oil pickups, perform diagnostics, set alarms, and unlock anti-left collection ports remotely.

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