Entrepreneurial spirits. Engineering minds.

John Palazzo

President and Chief Executive Officer

Prior to founding Frontline International, John Palazzo spent 16 years in engineering and leadership positions at global manufacturing leaders in the defense, medical, and consumer goods sectors. From 1991-1999, he consulted for and was later hired into management at a biofuels feeder company where he was introduced to the concept of cooking oil collections. Prior to this, used cooking oil was an unwanted byproduct restaurateurs paid to have removed from their premises. John was driven to expand the infrastructure for commercial kitchens’ cooking oil to make this integral ingredient cleaner, safer, and more profitable for operators.

Giovanni Brienza

Senior Vice President

Giovanni Brienza is Frontline International’s senior vice president. In his previous role as vice president, he was responsible for furthering the company mission of savings, safety, and sustainability through smarter use, storage, disposal, and management of cooking oil. Brienza continues these efforts with new responsibilities such as long-term strategic planning, overseeing ongoing product enhancements, optimization of workflow, and resource acquisition.

Zack Palazzo

Director of Sales & Finance

Zack Palazzo is Frontline International’s director of sales and finance. Palazzo has been with the company since 2015 and most recently served as director of sales. Prior to that, he was the organization’s sales manager. In his new role, he manages all aspects of the company’s sales operations to ensure topline growth, oversees the overall financial health of the company, and safeguards long-term sustainable growth.

Max Palazzo

Director of Manufacturing

Max Palazzo is Frontline International’s director of manufacturing. In this role, Palazzo oversees the entirety of the manufacturing process, including designing, implementing, and reviewing procedures and equipment, maximizing efficiencies, and innovating workflow. He serves as the final word on quality control.