Take oil handling out of the hands of people.

I’m someone’s

Our Customers gain a new perspective on health and safety.

It is a long and often bumpy hallway where I shuttle oil behind the food court at the mall. It’s a slippery parking lot where we carry the soup pot with the used oil to a too high and always gross dumpster. It’s scary every time I have to dump the fryer. Dealing with rotisserie oven fat is THE source of constant turnover here at the store.

We challenge that if a restaurant manager, chain manager (or shareholder), or franchisee owner had to do these jobs themselves, they would engineer a better and safer solution. But, to these same foodservice, grocery, and c-store leaders, we ask, what if it was your daughter? What if it was your wife, son, or grandchild? Wouldn’t you call Frontline International? We have engineered every one of these hazards away. There’s not an installation we can’t re-imagine to include safer, cleaner, and more cost effective Smart Oil Management® Solutions.

The applications involving cooking oil and other fats and grease are known hazards. They create turnover. They have caused traumatic injuries stemming not only from burns, but from fat-, oil-, and grease- (FOG) related slips and falls.

Our customers gain a new perspective on health and safety. We encourage the need to emphasize safety and training for everyone, and especially for new or young workers. Frontline is at the front line of this fight. Trust us with your challenge. And ensure they never touch cooking oil again.

Oil Safety By The Numbers

$2 billion

The foodservice industry spends more than
$2 billion each year for slip-and-fall injuries.

Hot grease causes more than half of all injuries
among restaurant workers.


57% of all foodservice general liability insurance claims are slip-and-fall accidents.


Hot grease causes more than half of all injuries
among restaurant workers.

The foodservice industry experiences the highest number of burns of any employment sector, about 12,000 each year.