The only fully customizable cooking oil solution for foodservice operations of every stripe.

A signature service from Frontline International.

OilCare® is our sister company that builds a suite of cooking oil related services around our smart oil management equipment, including fresh oil delivery and used cooking oil collections. The Frontline International model is for operators who want to own their equipment and procure other services on their own. For operators who want to pay as they go for equipment and gain turnkey support services, we created OilCare® for them.

Experience the OilCare® difference.

With no upfront equipment costs, for a fixed leasing term we specify, install, and maintain oil management equipment at your facility. For the same monthly fee, we manage everything related to cooking oil — equipment, service, fresh oil purchasing, used oil collections, and more — and ensure each is working to your benefit.

Or choose a la carte fresh cooking oil delivery or used cooking oil collections.



fresh oil purchase

used oil collection

All cooking needs, one call.

OilCare® can handle all things fats, oils, and greases for operators. Always get the best price in the market for fresh oil, guaranteed. No unlimited contracts either! Free pickup service by national grease recyclers – and we pay you for the used oil we collect! In MOST cases, you will get all the equipment and installation for FREE and still be owed rebate money each month.

What makes OilCare® different is what makes and saves money for operators — it’s the ultimate, market-based pricing for a complete bundle of oil management services.

The Essential Guide to Cooking Oil Management.

Discover the advanced oil management technology of OilCare® in our blog. We provide informative insights, easy-to-follow guides, and helpful tips to ensure a safe and sustainable kitchen environment. Learn how OilCare® can streamline your operations, reduce costs, and reduce your environmental footprint. Join us to explore the future of cooking oil handling.