Extend fryer oil life up to 50%, reduce costs, and standardize the taste and quality of fried foods. Our powerful and easy to use filtration systems are designed to operate with any commercial fryer. Protect your investment in ensuring the flavors of your food are consistent. The brand experience must be the same every time to ensure customer loyalty. Lost customers equals lost profits.

Extend fryer oil life up to 50%, reduce costs, and standardize the taste and quality of fried foods.

Filtration procedures heavily depend on store volume and the types of food that are being fried. For example, you’ll need to filter your oil less when frying french fries because they produce fewer fall-off food particles to contaminate the oil. Breaded/battered products will need filtration more often as these produce more fall-off particles, thus degrading the oil.

Filtration Machine


The Flexible Filter System is a standalone cooking oil filtration system growing in popularity with customers. Since proper filtration is so important, Frontline International makes it easier with a system that lets users easily change to different types of filter media according to the restaurant’s needs and oil usage: disposable paper filter element or reusable stainless steel

    • Holds 75 lb (10 gal) (34 kg/37.8 l)
    • 100% heavy stainless steel construction
    • Seamless integration with Frontline International containment systems
    • Smooth rolling heavy-duty, non-mark casters
    • Swivel front casters with brakes
    • Extra large “crumb catcher” basket
    • Power switch and “break away” power cord
    • Removable handle
    • Lock-in-place safety cover
    • Easy, quick-disconnect fittings
    • High-temperature hose
    • 110 V 15 A – 250 V 3.5 A industrial 1/2HP motor
    • Specially designed 5-gallon (19 l) per minute pump
    • Roller pump will not “shear” oil during filtration
    • Special filter screen to protect pump
    • Easy-to-clean, seamless construction
    • UL, UL Sanitation Listed
    • One-year warranty on all components


Frontline International’s representatives can advise which filter is recommended for your operation, based on the type of food you fry and the frequency of frying.


Filter media matters.

Filter Machine offers you options.

Stainless Steel Filter

  • Reusable! A stainless steel filter screen eliminates the need for costly paper filters. The durable stainless steel screen will not tear, rust, or rupture under normal use.
  • Moisture does not affect stainless steel. Filters do not plug like with ordinary paper filter, reducing labor costs and saving money.

Paper Filter

  • The simplest way to get more frying life from your oil.
  • Longer oil life saves money.
  • Less oil absorbed into food.
  • No loose powder—filter powder is impregnated into the pad.
  • Powder counteracts the destructive chemical reactions that take place in oil.