Oven System

Closed system collects fats, oils, and greases safely and directly from rotisseries, convections, and combitherms.

The Direct Plumb® Oven System

Model 47SS-NA

The Direct Plumb® Oven System connects directly to ovens, rotisseries, and combitherms – cooking equipment often neglected by other oil management systems that are concerned only with used cooking oil. The system’s hose attachment plugs into the cooking units to automatically suction out fats and grease from the equipment’s drip pan with no handling, dumping, or exposure to material. Used product is easily sucked through the hose and into the containment caddy. Then simply wheel the sealed caddy over to your used oil containment tank and pump the collected grease out of the caddy and into the tank using the same hose attachment.

  • Safe and mess-free collection of fats and grease
  • Keeps employees safer, helpings reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents
  • Keeps kitchens cleaner and operating more smoothly
  • Accessible to any commercial kitchen operator