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Frontline International’s Smart Oil Management™ systems make it as easy as possible for its customers to handle, recycle, and profit from their restaurant and facility grease while contributing valuable ingredients for biodiesel that will reduce the harmful emissions associated with global warming.

Frontline International’s customers own their equipment and can reap the benefits of managing their own rebates on their waste oil, or “yellow grease.”

Ask yourself, “Where else would it go?”

Without collections, used cooking oil, fats and grease would go right where it used to generations ago—down the drain. Used cooking oil recycling helps stop oil from being disposed of in drains, which can clog sewage lines due to the build-up of fats. Around the world this is of critical concern. Millions are spent repairing damaged waste water infrastructure and, in many countries, governments are fighting back, successfully suing restaurants whose finger prints can be found on these offending masses.

Not you? Well, it’s someone.

Step two: Think what your oil can become?

The concept of biofuels is lost on a lot of us. We picture some small operation, at least when compared to traditional power plant structures. Not true. These are vast production facilities. The fact is, the largest customers of energy created from biofuels are the major utilities themselves — and we all reap the benefit of their energy everyday.

As part of the greater whole, you make a huge difference when you dispose of used cooking oil in an ecologically friendly way. And our cooking oil containment tanks are the beginning of this recycling story.

Our rending partners are doing the world a huge service. Rendering companies use the used cooking oil they collect from restaurants to produce products like yellow grease, which is a crucial ingredient in most types of biofuel. And less energy is required to produce the biofuel if you sell cleaner and more filtered used oil. Frontline equipment creates the best yellow grease yields in the industry, up to 95% pure. For this, our customers also reap the highest rebates.

If you’re part of a restaurant or other food service establishment that regularly needs used cooking oil disposal services, choosing a rendering partner that converts the cooking oil into an ecologically beneficial byproduct is beneficial to your bottom line and to the environment.

In addition to biofuels, the products made with used cooking oil include:

  • Animal feed to increase the calories the animals ingest, which in turn allows farms to grow the animals faster and more healthily
  • Industrial cleaners
  • Soap
  • Makeup
  • Paint
  • Rubber
  • Detergents