Oil Life

Oil quality directly relates to food quality. Maintaining high oil quality means better-tasting, more consistent food, an improved customer experience, and the protection and growth of your brand and business. Quality oil also creates better UCO for greater yields and higher rebates on the back end. Measuring oil quality has never been easier and there’s an option for any budget.



Maintaining proper temperature and TPM (total polar material) below 24% are critical to cooking oil health and overall fried food quality. FryQ™ removes the guesswork in the easiest, most cost-effective way possible. Durable food service quality for the most demanding applications. The simple handheld wand has a built-in readout to measure oil temperature and TPM. Just insert the FryQ wand into the fryer and it takes a measure of oil health. The data is shown in the wand’s display window.

How it works:
  • Insert wand into oil, wait a few seconds, and read digital display
  • Immediately reads cooking oil quality and temperature
  • Measures TPM by percentage
  • The easiest way to make informed decisions about your cooking oil
FryQ™ puts you in the driver’s seat of your kitchen’s cooking oil quality. Its automated system and digital display panel make it beyond easy for any employee to successfully fill, top off, or drain vats. Maintain oil freshness and food quality. Keeps customers satisfied while protecting your brand!

How it works:

Step 1
Oil management equipment directly connects to your fryers.

Step 2
The Oil Quality Sensor takes a measure of oil health. The readings are shown on FryQ’s digital display.

Step 3
Staff takes action to optimize and extend oil health and food quality.

Oil Quality Sensor

Simply lower the FryQ wand’s probe into the oil, wait a few seconds, and the system does the rest.

Digital Display

The FryQ digital display reads cooking oil quality (TPM by percentage) and temperature.

Oil Management Services

Frontline International contributes complete oil-handling infrastructure including fresh oil dispensing, used oil collection, and used oil containment.