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We are proud to be in this business, which ultimately solves many kitchen-related problems. We are most proud of our role improving worker safety.

There are many fine makers of products related to fryer oil management. Any fryer automation equipment will, to some degree employee safety. Below, we offer a comparison of our products versus others, so that you can make the best, most informed decision about which cooking oil monitoring and management company is best suited to your needs.

Below is a chart comparing some of our features to those of our competitors. In lots of cases, restaurateurs, grocery chains, c-stores and the like might consider our competition's oil management solutions. Some of these companies are really great service providers. Some we would gladly recommend to our customers! Lots of them use our products to complete the equipment side of their service bundle. None of them are manufacturers.

So please consider the chart below. And of course, feel free to contact us with questions at any time. Toll-free at 1-877-776-1100.

Note: This list is made to be used as a guide. Please consult individual companies to validate, verify, or research full product offerings.


SAFETY Eliminate the need to tote buckets of hot fryer oil manually. Thankfully yes, this is a feature we are happy we share with our competitors!
SUSTAINABILITY Select a renderer who re-purposes waste cooking oil for biodiesel, making the product more sustainable and your operations more “green.” As oil belongs to the contractor, you have no say in how they use it or dispose of it. This may seem like splitting hairs, but it is important if your brand or shareholders ask about your specific green initiatives. That said, if you have chosen any waste cooking oil recycling system, you are doing your part to better the planet.
WORLDWIDE We are Frontline International. We operate internationally, allowing major brands to choose a consistent, global oil management model. We maintain all the manufacturing excellence and international certifications required to boast installations on six continents. No competitor can follow your chain as you expand globally. And it’s not just US chains growing abroad with Frontline International. In many cases, we are growing with some of the largest international brands finding their way to North America.
OWNERSHIP Frontline International is a foodservice equipment manufacturer. We manufacture and sell the highest quality, commercial kitchen equipment of its kind in our own plants in the United States. With us, you OWN your equipment.

We offer varied payment models, from buying equipment outright, to lease-to-own plans. Regardless of the plan, we make the equipment, you own the equipment, and the path to ROI starts immediately.
Some of the great names in the cooking oil collection business, like RTI (Restaurant Technologies) and Darling International are excellent service providers. They do not, however, manufacture their own fresh or waste cooking oil equipment. Both purchase equipment themselves and then place the equipment in restaurants. In the case of RTI, customers sign a contract to lease equipment. They offer customers a contract to provide complete oil services, delivering and removing oil from rented tanks. Payments continue indefinitely.
REBATES With Frontline International, you are free to negotiate your own rebates. And the rebates are yours to keep. When you don’t own your equipment, you don’t keep ANY oil rebates. If you receive your equipment with no upfront cost from a service provider they may reserve the right to not pay rebates.
ROI As an equipment owner, you start collecting ROI from the point of install. The average Frontline International customer achieves ROI in 12-16 months. If you are renting your equipment, you make monthly payments and are under contract. There is no return on investment.
PROFITS We make equipment that helps you sell your oil more profitably. Frontline International equipment can help you earn average rebates of $.15 to $.25 more per pound because Frontline International’s filtered, cleaner oil is worth more to oil collectors. We are not renderers. We are not interested in your oil—or the rebates/profits that come from the sale of that oil. We have a sister company that can help if you need a renderer, but we don't collect oil or take your profits. If you acquire fresh oil under contract and don’t pay for it, per se, choosing instead to pay a monthly fee, then you likely do not collect waste oil rebates. The convenience of this rental negates a profit argument.
FRESH OIL With Frontline International, you choose the fresh oil you want in your store and work out a fair market price. Just like buying any other ingredient. Most renderers are simply that, wonderful and efficient waste oil recyclers. Darling and RTI will also supply fresh oil to your store. When under contract with these companies, you get the oil — a critical ingredient — they deliver in tanks and without choice.
FRESH OIL FRESHNESS Our EZ Oil fryer automation equipment solution works with bulk boxed oil. Jugs and boxes can be shipped anywhere, even remote locations. Oil stays fresher in smaller containers, yields are as much as 10% higher with our upside-down rack system, and over time, boxed bulk oil is cheaper than tank oil. Tank oil can have up to 3 inches of unused oil in the bottom. Plus, oil can deteriorate quickly once it leaves the nitrogen-stable transport rail car, and tanks cannot fit/be delivered everywhere. Oil delivery to remote locations can require a long wait.
WASTE OIL With Frontline International, fryer oil disposal has never been easier. You choose the waste oil collector, renderer, or recycler with whom you want to partner. We can make recommendations, but we don’t collect oil. With Frontline International, you choose the waste oil collector, renderer, or recycler with whom you want to partner. We can make recommendations, but we don’t collect oil. What some might think are our competitors are actually the very excellent service providers we would recommend our customers call for oil collections! Baker Commodities, Darling International, Mahoney Oil Company, Valley Protein and more are all tremendous service providers in the cooking oil collection market. Often it is our equipment they are installing in your facility.
FLEXIBILITY AND UPGRADABILITY Add on a fresh oil rack system at any time. Upgrade waste cooking oil removal equipment from a caddy system to a plumbed system. Our modular systems offer customers right-sized solutions that consider your specific volume and geography. If you are in a rent-equipment relationship and your fresh oil is tied to that contract, you must lease a system in its entirety, not just certain components like fresh OR waste oil. Systems are based on economy of scale, not the needs of specific stores.
REMOTE CONTROL/DATA MANAGEMENT Generally these cooking oil monitoring options are called electronic data monitoring systems (ours is M3 – Monitor, Measure, Manage). They monitor oil usage and take action via any computer, phone or tablet with internet. We were the first to offer this thoughtful back-end control over your oil assets. We won the 2013 Kitchen Innovation Award for the introduction. We now hold a patent on the control system. New, auto top-off of fresh oil is controlled with connectivity to orders taken at the register! You should test drive what the others are chasing! Most competitors have similar software available now. M3 was designed specifically to work with Frontline International equipment to maximize efficiency and yields. Only Frontline International offers auto top-off.