FryQ Connect™


FryQ™ Connect is the smart, automated oil management system that maximizes oil usage, optimizes spending, and always knows your oil quality. Know precisely when oil needs changing and filters need replacing. Control oil freshness, and track and log oil used and oil disposed, down to the vat and down to the minute. Coordinate with your renderer for pickups, and control the lock to make collection safe, easy, and profitable. Proprietary software provides analysis and triggers recommended actions. Actions are executed at the push of a button.

How it works:
  • Hold the wand’s probe into the oil for oil quality reading, and the system does the rest.
  • Proprietary software analyzes oil quality data and triggers recommended actions, based on algorithms informed by decades of research on optimal oil quality.
  • Notifications on oil quality, fryer vat volume, fresh-oil supply, used-oil tank volume, and more are collected. The system records any changes in these measurements.
  • Actionable data is fed to a touchscreen pad mounted near the fryer.
  • There is no guesswork: green, yellow, and red on-screen indicators prompt tasks that optimize oil life and food quality.
With analysis and remote automation capability, FryQ Connect™ collects and saves data. This helps inform future business decisions based on real-world activity from your own store!