Waste Cooking Pump Station


If your fryer is not equiped with a built-in filtration pump, our Waste Oil Pump Station is the solution for you. Using a flexible hose and suction wand, waste oil is pumped out of the fryer by a wall-mounted pump station and then from the pump station to a containment tank.

  • The pump station is mounted on a wall, floor, or even in the ceiling at or near the fryer positions. This allows the used shortening to be suctioned from the fry vat and pumped to the containment tank, which is located at a remote location.
  • The Used shortening is sucked from the fry vat using a stainless steel nozzle attached to the pump station with a high-temperature, spring-loaded suction hose.
  • The pump and the plumbing are protected from fryer debris by a permanent strainer located on the end of the suction nozzle.
  • A control panel located on (or near) the pump station controls the pump operation, monitors the condition of the tank, indicates the level of Used oil in the tank, and controls the overflow protection system.

The WOPS System is an ideal way to move oil from the fryer to the containment tank when the fryer itself does not have a built-in filtration pump.