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About us

Frontline International is a leader in cooking oil management solutions. We help create a safer workplace for foodservice employees, provide brand protection for our clients, and help to automate the complex science of fried-food quality. Strengths include cooking oil monitoring, cooking oil filtration, fryer automation equipment, and fryer oil disposal. We are a leading provider in almost all chain restaurants, grocery stores, airports, universities, prisons, and other institutions.

33,000 installations for more than 350 international clients.

Our Equipment

We manufacture equipment for the storage, handling and disposal of used cooking oil, chicken fat, and grill grease. Our fresh oil, filtration, and waste oil management solutions help our customers:

  • Manage their fresh oil supply
  • Extend the life of fresh oil to save money
  • Collect and dispose of waste oil safely and profitably
  • Track and monitor oil usage data at all stores
  • Control profits on fresh and waste oil

The Only Global Solution

Frontline International is the only US-based manufacturer of oil management equipment who maintains the equipment quality certifications to sell internationally.

  • We have installations on six continents.
  • The human risk of slips, falls, and burns in the kitchen has no boundary.
  • Wasted productivity has no border.

Equipment Innovation

  • With Frontline International, you own your own award-winning equipment, negotiate your own oil rebates, and have the freedom to choose your oil vendors. There are no fees, no leasing, and no contracts.
  • We are consultants, designers, and manufacturers with a mechanical engineering acumen; our installations are expert, fast, and we thrive when you think we might be challenged.