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above and beyond

Mission and values

"Our mission at Frontline International was to design a system engineered to clean up one of the nastiest areas of the kitchen and eliminate burns and slip hazards. We want to help prevent burns, slips, and falls and otherwise keep kitchens cleaner, safer, and more sanitary."

– John Palazzo, President of Frontline International.

Above and Beyond

Our corporate values are best summed up by expression “above and beyond.”

If protecting foodservice workers from burns, slips and falls is our quest, we get after it by any means necessary.

Perhaps this is because, at our core, we are an engineering company. We compete in a space dominated by large biofuel producers. To these companies—and we get that it makes sense for them—they are concerned with creating a means by which oil is collected. That’s all they want, inexpensive access to restaurateurs’ oil for use as a feedstock. Not us. We are a foodservice equipment manufacturer. We react to customer requests for tweaks and adjustments to our products to accommodate their specific needs. From fryer automation equipment to cooking oil monitoring to waste cooking oil removal equipment, our products are award-winners, classy in design, and considered the gold standard.

So long as there is fryer oil, fats, and greases to be remediated, we won’t stop until the job is done.

Our installations are heroic efforts. And nothing gives us more pride, short of celebrating our own employees, than seeing our customers’ employees the day after an install, when they realize they will never touch their oil again.

Strategic Corporate Goals

  • Continue to globalize the business: establish a meaningful presence in all significant international foodservice markets, both commercial and non-commercial.
  • Drive a continuous improvement culture throughout the business.
  • Demonstrate brand leadership through the continued development of best-in-class, engineering driven, differentiated products.