Filtration Machine


The Flexible Filter System is a standalone cooking oil filtration system growing in popularity with customers. Since proper filtration is so important, Frontline International makes it easier with a system that lets users easily change to different types of filter media according to the restaurant’s needs and oil usage: disposable paper filter element or reusable stainless steel

    • Holds 75 lb (10 gal) (34 kg/37.8 l)
    • 100% heavy stainless steel construction
    • Seamless integration with Frontline International containment systems
    • Smooth rolling heavy-duty, non-mark casters
    • Swivel front casters with brakes
    • Extra large “crumb catcher” basket
    • Power switch and “break away” power cord
    • Removable handle
    • Lock-in-place safety cover
    • Easy, quick-disconnect fittings
    • High-temperature hose
    • 110 V 15 A – 250 V 3.5 A industrial 1/2HP motor
    • Specially designed 5-gallon (19 l) per minute pump
    • Roller pump will not “shear” oil during filtration
    • Special filter screen to protect pump
    • Easy-to-clean, seamless construction
    • UL, UL Sanitation Listed
    • One-year warranty on all components


Frontline International’s representatives can advise which filter is recommended for your operation, based on the type of food you fry and the frequency of frying.