Indoor Used Cooking Oil Containment Tank

Model 3078-NA
165 gal

Classic cylindrical tank with the innovative Frontline features you expect.

  • Stainless steel tank bottom and legs. 6 in. (152 mm) high stainless steel legs and floor clearance
  • UL, UL Sanitation Listed (U.S. and Canada)
  • Push the button and you are emptying the fryer. What could be easier?
  • If the system cannot be directly plumbed, tanks are equipped with a Caddy System hook up. Frontline International’s Caddy System is a great method for transporting cooking oil to the containment tank while still reducing mess and the potential for burns. Caddies roll on wheels and are easy to push.
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel exterior. Tanks can be positioned anywhere indoors— nothing to hide here, this is modern and good-looking, made-in-the-USA equipment that exceed all standards.
  • Easy to access and service components
  • One-year warranty on all parts and components
  • Worldwide delivery and installation available
  • Insulated exterior tank enclosure available
Direct-Plumbed® System

Your existing fryer is plumbed to a secure waste oil holding tank.

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