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Filter Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your existing Frontline caddy or order your filter caddy factory assembled — choose 10, 16 or 20 gallon containment caddy. Designed to operate with any commercial fryer, this powerful and easy-to-use cooking oil filtration system is a valuable extension to any frying system.

  • Disposable paper or carbon filter element or reusable stainless steel
  • Seamless integration with Frontline International containment systems
  • Factory assembled—or can be easily converted on site
  • Easy to clean with removable sediment bucket
  • UL and UL Sanitation Listed
  • One-year warranty on all components


Stainless Steel Filter

  • Reusable! A stainless steel filter screen eliminates the need for costly paper filters. The durable stainless steel screen will not tear, rust, or rupture under normal use
  • Moisture does not affect stainless steel so filters do not plug like with ordinary paper filter, reducing labor costs and saving money

Paper Filter

  • The simplest way to get more fry life from your shortening!
  • Saves money. Longer oil life
  • Less oil absorbed into food
  • Powder counteracts the destructive chemical reactions that take place in oil
  • No loose powder—filter powder is impregnated into the pad

Carbon Filter

  • Carbon has the largest reactive and adsorptive surface area
  • Carbon has thousands of interconnected graphite-based platelets that create interior channels, holes, and pockets, increasing adsorptive capacity over powder filter aids.
  • Remove critical particulate contamination, down to the nominal range of 0.5 microns.

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