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Model LS-1-60GG

Capacity 60 lb/8 Gal (27.2 kg/575 l)

The Heated Grill Grease System allows you to collect your grill grease throughout the day then pump it into any of Frontline International’s waste-containment tanks. Solids are filtered via the extra-large sediment basket, preserving the high quality of your oil while protecting the integrity of the equipment’s pump and motor.

Operation is easy: simply drain used grease into the caddy, close the caddy lid, and secure the lid with the safety latch. When the caddy is plugged into a live outlet, the heating element keeps the grease in its liquid state, preventing coagulation. When the caddy is near full—or at scheduled intervals when the grill is less busy—carefully pull the caddy to the Frontline International used-oil storage tank (or pumping station) and easily pump the waste grease into the tank.

  • Shortening Capacity, 60 lb/8 Gal (27.2 kg/575 l)
  • Safe silicone heater to prevent congealing
  • Swivel front and rear casters with brakes
  • Extra large grill sediment basket
  • UL, UL Sanitation Listed (US and Canada)
  • One year warranty on all parts and components
  • Worldwide delivery and installation available


Direct-Plumbed® System

Transfer oil with our fully automated system to ensure you never touch cooking oil again. Fryers are plumbed to a secure waste-oil holding tank. Push a button; oil flows directly to the waste-oil tank.

Other oil transfer systems at right/below.

Pump Station

Pump Station Options

Fryer has no filtration pump? You can still plumb right to the tank, but you will need one of these!


Caddy Options

Not ready to install plumbing? Caddy the oil from fryer to tank.