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Fresh oil dispensing

The heart of the system is the EZ Oil™ Containment Rack

Fresh Oil Dispensing

1. EZ Oil is automatic, hands-free oil dispensing. Freestanding, heavy-gauge stainless steel construction.
2. The upside-down storage system ensures that every drop of oil is drained, increasing oil yields by up to 5%.
3. M3 data monitoring system adapted to work with Henny Penny and Frymaster fryers and their Low Oil Volume (LOV) top-off feature. The M3 System — winner of the 2013 Kitchen Innovations™ (KI) Award from the National Restaurant Association — is a web-based software package that gives managers a dashboard for tracking oil usage, standardizing filtration, scheduling pickups, measuring diagnostics, and more.
4. Integral pump draws the fresh cooking oil from the storage reservoir. Massive reservoir holds 675 Lb/90 Gal of fresh cooking oil. The system is directly plumbed to the fryer for a fully automated solution.
5. Easy-to-install, easy-to-use oil-management solution can be installed in as little as 45 minutes.
6. For multiple fryers or multiple kitchens, standard three jib dispensing configuration can be upgraded to link multiple jib racks, increasing fill capacity.
7. Frontline’s EZ Oil dispensing system is designed to accommodate the boxed oil purchased from any vendor.

EZ Oil™ System

Get more fresh cooking oil yields from our automated system — fills your fryers like turning on the sink!

The Frontline International EZ Oil™ System for Standard Packaged Oil is an automated, convenient, safer and more cost-effective way to re-fill fryers with fresh cooking oil. With the EZ Oil™ System for Standard Packaged Oil, you purchase fresh oil in boxes or jugs. Frontline International doesn’t sell oil, so there are no contracts to sign. Simply place boxes or jugs upside-down in Frontline International racks, connect with a Frontline International fresh oil pump station, and fill your fryers using the convenient, no-mess dispensing wand — or direct plumb to the fryer for a fully automated solution. Upside-down storage dispenses every drop of oil, increasing yields by up to 10%!

  • One-year warranty on all parts and components
  • Worldwide delivery and installation available


Your existing fryer is plumbed directly to EZ-Oil.