Frontline International Forms Strategic Partnership with Ring Container Technologies

Ring’s Ultra35® cooking oil packaging drives sustainability of Frontline’s OilCare® delivery and collection service

Frontline International has formalized its strategic partnership with Ring Container Technologies to provide fresh oil containers used by Frontline’s sister company, OilCare®, creating a closed-loop, sustainable supply chain within the oil delivery segment.

OilCare is a completely customizable cooking oil delivery and collection service. OilCare customers use Frontline’s EZ Oil Fresh Oil Dispensing System to fill their fryer vats. The EZ Oil unit is filled using high-quality, fresh cooking oil packaged in Ring Container’s Ultra35® packaging. Packaged oil provides the ultimate in choice for kitchen managers, dieticians, and chefs. It is better quality than bulk tank oil, and available in healthier blends and custom flavor profiles to complement restaurant menus.

Patented Ultra35® technology is the industry’s lightest 35-pound container for cooking oil, engineered to reduce material usage and improve recyclability (while also improving overall ergonomics and pallet efficiency). The Ultra35 packaging, both outer box and inner jug, is 100% recyclable and pre-certified by How2Recycle.

Under the OilCare contract, fresh oil and used oil handling equipment is installed on-site and remains for a low monthly cost. Proprietary OilCare software schedules fresh oil delivery in response to real-time volumes. Drivers deliver Ultra35 boxed oil and restock the EZ-Oil rack. They retrieve the previously used, Ultra35 HDPE jugs from the store and return them to local distribution, where they are processed for reclamation and later downstream reprocessed into recycled materials.

OilCare has used Ring’s Ultra35 packaging since its inception. The new agreement assures customers that the relationship will continue. It also more closely aligns the companies, resulting in increased collaboration and innovation that will benefit end-users of both companies’ products and services.

“Ring Container is an excellent partner with aligned goals in making foodservice kitchens more sustainable while maintaining, and even improving, efficiency and quality,” said John Palazzo, president and CEO of Frontline International. “We look forward to the future innovations that will spring forth from this partnership.”

Accenting the sentiment, Brian Smith, Ring Container president and CEO, said, “Our two companies work well together, and we’ve already leveraged those synergies to create greater value for our mutual customers. The future holds great promise for new discoveries to further revolutionize foodservice cooking oil management, particularly as it relates to recyclability and achieving sustainability goals.”

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