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Waste Oil Overview

Handling hot, messy waste oil from fryers can be one of the most dangerous workplace hazards in the foodservice industry. Carrying full buckets and pouring oil creates the potential for burns, slip-and-fall accidents, and other injuries during fryer oil disposal. And there are real people being hurt everyday. Frontline International, the creator of Smart Oil Management™ systems for fresh and waste oil, offers flexible and customizable waste cooking oil removal equipment and containment solutions for increasing workplace safety while dramatically minimizing employees’ contact with oil. Not only will a Frontline International system help eliminate the risks of having employees filling and toting buckets, but it can also save labor and time, reduce the risk of liability related to injuries, and contribute to environmental safety.

Indoor waste cooking oil tanks Outdoor waste cooking oil tanks


Restaurant grease is sought after for recycling and conversion into renewable, value-added products — products that help fight world hunger or products that feed the creation of clean-burning biofuels. Capturing, controlling, owning and accounting for every drop of oil prior to sale makes business sense, and only Frontline International waste-oil systems make you just that smart.

  • Hands-free Smart Oil Management™ solutions help increase your workplace safety, help you control the sale of your cooking oil, and help you collect MORE from its sale.
  • With Frontline International, you own your own equipment, negotiate your own oil rebates, and have the freedom to choose your oil vendors.
  • There are no fees, no leasing, and no contracts.
  • All Frontline International systems are modular, flexible, and upgradable—buy only the equipment you need and add more or upgrade whenever you choose.
  • All Frontline International systems offer a 12-18 month ROI.

Indoor Waste Cooking Oil Tanks Outdoor Waste Cooking Oil Tanks


The drive for sustainability in restaurant operations has, in turn, driven the search to find the best ways of handling waste cooking oil. Selling properly prepared waste oil for the manufacture of biodiesel is one of them. Frontline International has invested heavily in the research, design, and development of its Smart Oil Management™ systems, which make it as easy as possible for its customers to handle, recycle, and profit from their restaurant and facility grease while contributing valuable ingredients for biodiesel that will reduce the harmful emissions associated with global warming.

Finally, we developed a web-based data management system that allows customers to track and monitor oil usage data and filtration at all stores and to also control their profits from waste oil sales. We make it easy to earn money from the re-sale of the waste oils, which is very motivating. Essentially, it becomes very rewarding to do the right thing.

Indoor Waste Cooking Oil Tanks Outdoor Waste Cooking Oil Tanks


1. Connect for Direct-Plumbed®. If your fryer does not have a built-in filtration pump, a waste oil pump is available.
2. Waste oil theft is a real and growing problem. Frontline International’s anti-theft valve can only be opened remotely by either logging into Frontline International’s optional web-based M3 Data Management System or by entering a password on a control panel on the tank itself.
3. Optional M3 Data Management System. The M3 System—winner of the 2013 Kitchen Innovations™ (KI) Award from the National Restaurant Association — is a web-based software package that gives managers a dashboard for tracking oil usage, standardizing filtration, scheduling pickups, measuring diagnostics, and more.
4. If the system cannot be directly plumbed, tanks are equipped with a Caddy System hookup. Frontline International’s Caddy System is a great method for transporting cooking oil to the containment tank while still reducing mess and the potential for burns. Caddies roll on wheels and are easy to push.
5. Heavy-gauge stainless steel exterior. Tanks can be positioned anywhere indoors— nothing to hide here, they are modern, good-looking equipment — or fortified for outdoor placement regardless of climate!
6. Shown: 2478SQ-NA Containment Tank with 1,100-lb (150-gal) capacity. Space saving, 24-in square (609 mm) x 78-in height (1981mm) . Many models available with capacities ranging from 770 lb/103 gal to 2,650 lb/353 gal.
7. Stainless steel legs are 6 inch high (152 mm), giving 6 in of floor clearance.

Indoor Waste Cooking Oil Tanks Outdoor Waste Cooking Oil Tanks