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Waste Cooking Pump Station (MODEL WOPS-NA)

If your fryer is not equiped with a built-in filtration pump, our Waste Oil Pump Station is the solution for you. Using a flexible hose and suction wand, waste oil is pumped out of the fryer by a wall-mounted pump station and then from the pump station to a containment tank.

  • The pump station is mounted on a wall, floor, or even in the ceiling at or near the fryer positions.
  • This allows the used shortening to be suctioned from the fry vat and pumped to the containment tank, which is located at a remote location — even outside.
  • The waste shortening is sucked from the fry vat using a stainless steel nozzle attached to the pump station with a high-temperature, spring-loaded suction hose.
  • The pump and the plumbing are protected from fryer debris by a permanent strainer located on the end of the suction nozzle.
Model WOPS-NA Spec Sheet


Direct-Plumbed® System

Transfer oil with our fully automated system to ensure you never touch cooking oil again. Fryers are plumbed to a secure waste-oil holding tank. Push a button; oil flows directly to the waste-oil tank.

Other oil transfer systems at right/below.


Ready for a Direct-Plumbed solution? Push button oil transfer from your fryer to our tank!



Not ready to install plumbing? Caddy the oil from fryer to tank.

Caddy Options