Contain Waste Oil Hazards With Frontline International’s Smart Oil Management™ Systems

Handling hot, messy waste oil from fryers can be one of the most dangerous workplace hazards in the foodservice industry. Carrying full buckets and pouring oil creates the potential for burns, slip-and-fall accidents, and other injuries. Frontline International, the creator of Smart Oil Management systems for fresh and waste oil, offers flexible and customizable waste oil containment solutions for increasing workplace safety while dramatically minimizing employees’ contact with oil.

Frontline International systems for waste oil handling were designed to filter, empty, and store waste oil from fryers. With three different options to choose from—and the ability to customize a solution to fit available space—kitchen managers can find an option for improving waste oil containment practices for almost any restaurant. 

Not only will a Frontline International system help eliminate the risks of having employees filling and toting buckets, but it can also save labor and time, reduce the risk of liability related to injuries, and contribute to environmental safety. 

Frontline International offers three different waste oil containment systems. The constant is a containment tank that safely and securely stores the waste oil. Tanks range in size from 100 gallons to 350 gallons and can be located indoors or outdoors or accessed via a remote inlet system from a tank in another room or even on another floor. Frontline International’s waste oil containment tanks can be used with any of the three systems and are fully upgradeable if volume needs change. 

Which option is best for your operation?

The fully automated Direct-Plumbed® waste oil system is the easiest to use and ensures zero contact with waste oil. Oil flows directly from fryers to the waste oil containment tank with just the push of a button. The system comes in many sizes to meet any kitchen’s needs, from small store spaces to freestanding, fast-paced restaurants—including those with a busy drive-thru.

The semi-automated Waste Oil Pump Station system is ideal if your fryers don’t have a built-in filtration pump. An external pump controls the flow of waste oil. Using a flexible, high-temperature hose and suction wand with a permanent filter, used oil is pumped out of the fryer by a wall-mounted pump station. The oil is transferred from the fryers through the heavy-gauge stainless steel pump to a containment tank via the PumpFlow™ system.

The least expensive option, the manual CaddyFlow™ system, uses a stainless steel waste oil caddy and a flexible high-temperature hose to transfer waste oil. This system is compatible with any low-profile fryer and takes up little space, so it’s ideal for small or crowded kitchens. With the manual system, the caddy is wheeled to fryers to collect waste oil using the flex hose. Then the caddy is wheeled to the containment tank, where oil is transferred via the hose. This is a dramatic improvement over workers having to hand-carry buckets and be exposed to potential spills or splashes of hot oil.

All Frontline International tanks can be equipped with the company’s proprietary M3 data management system that lets you monitor, measure, and manage oil use. With M3, you can track usage by store unit with the ability to monitor collection volumes and compare statistics on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

“No matter what your volume or store layout, we have a way to improve employee safety when it comes to waste oil handling,” says Giovanni Brienza, vice president of Frontline International. “With three options to choose from, and each customizable to your space and needs, handling waste oil need no longer be messy and dangerous. We are proud to say that our equipment is popular and easy to use; you can find it in the kitchens of foodservice facilities across the globe.”

All Frontline International equipment is backed by a one-year warranty. 

About Frontline International 

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