Frontline International Heated Grill Grease System Tackles Overlooked Source of Grease

Requires NO separate grease bin or dumpster

FOG (fats, oils, and greases) can come from many places in a foodservice kitchen, not just the fryer vat. One source of grease that sometimes gets overlooked is the grill. No matter the origin, all FOG needs to be handled safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Frontline International designs, engineers, and manufactures total cooking oil management solutions, including options specifically for collecting grill grease and depositing it directly in a used cooking oil (UCO) tank with other FOG. There’s no need for a separate grease bin or dumpster

Heated Grill Grease System

The Heated Grill Grease System allows operators to collect grill grease throughout the day, then pump it into any of Frontline International’s UCO tanks. Solids are filtered via the extra-large sediment basket, preserving the high quality of your oil while protecting the integrity of the equipment’s pump and motor.

Operation is easy: simply drain used grease into the caddy, close it, and secure the lid with the safety latch. When the caddy is plugged into a live outlet, the heating element keeps the grease in its liquid state, preventing coagulation. When the caddy is near full—or at scheduled intervals when the grill is less busy—carefully pull the caddy to the Frontline International UCO tank (or pumping station) and easily pump the waste grease into the tank.

There’s never any manual handling of grill grease, helping to improve employee safety. Less employee downtime means labor savings as well as savings on insurance and Workers’ Comp claims.

The simple system fits under grill drains and collects throughout the day. With easy collection and no separate bin or dumpster, the kitchen and grounds stay cleaner, helping to reduce health, safety, and pollution violations and fines.For more information, visit