Frontline International Hires New Sales Manager

Zachary Palazzo to help drive customer service, growth

Telematics is for sure the transmission of computer-based information across large distances. Frontline International, a leading provider of Smart Oil Management™ systems to assist foodservice operators in managing both their cooking oil and its associative use data, has been at the forefront of applying telematics to foodservice equipment. To that end, the company is pleased to announce the appointment of Zachary Palazzo as sales manager. Palazzo is a graduate of Purdue University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial technology. His most recent position in IT sales will be a great advantage to Frontline’s customers, who are increasingly seeking technologically innovative solutions to help grow their restaurants’ bottom lines.

Sharing information, in the case of Frontline’s fresh and waste oil foodservice equipment, means that wherever customers are, they have the ability to know everything there is to know about their machines and their cooking oil.

Said Palazzo, “This information includes use, filtration data, collection volume, the amount earned on waste oil sales and more. All of this data has a history, and we keep all of it to help identify trends and best practices. Improving this system and integrating it with other data systems within customer organizations is my charge.”

Palazzo’s hiring reflects the company’s continued growth and, in particular, its embracing of critical technologies as a backbone to the modern foodservice kitchen. Palazzo will represent clients domestically and internationally while working to grow the business and increase the company’s business footprint.

“Zach is a great addition to Frontline,” said Giovanni Brienza, vice president of Frontline. “His experience and background are at the intersection of sales and technology, making him a great fit for Frontline’s expanding customer base. We’re very pleased to have him on board.”

Frontline’s Smart Oil Management systems help restaurants increase safety, minimize risk and derive more value from their fresh and used cooking oil.

About Frontline International

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