Frontline International Introduces Direct Plumb® Oven System

Closed system collects fats, oils, and greases directly from rotisseries, convections, combitherms

In busy commercial kitchens, fats, oils, and greases are generated by many different pieces of cooking equipment alongside fryers. Grills, rotisseries, and convection and combitherm ovens must be considered as well. Unfortunately, many oil management systems are only concerned with fryer oil, leaving kitchen operators to fend for themselves when handling the many other types of waste fats and greases.

Frontline International, Inc., a leader in smart oil management solutions, makes collection equipment to handle them all, so you can collect and dispose of fats, oil, and greases safely, smartly, and sustainably.

Frontline’s newest piece of equipment is the Direct Plumb® Oven System, which connects directly to ovens and rotisseries. Its hose attachment plugs into the cooking units to automatically suction out fats and grease from the equipment’s drip pan with no handling, dumping, or exposure to material required. Waste product is easily sucked through the hose and into the containment caddy. Then simply wheel the sealed caddy over to your used oil containment tank and pump the collected grease out of the caddy and into the tank using the same hose attachment.

The Direct Plumb® Oven System makes safe and mess-free collection of fats and grease accessible to any commercial kitchen operator. Eliminating exposure to these cooking byproducts keeps employees safer by helping to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents and keeps kitchens cleaner and operating more smoothly.

“Fats, oils, and greases are among the main offenders in creating potentially unsafe and unsanitary conditions in kitchens,” said Giovanni Brienza, Frontline senior vice president. “Frontline understands that, for kitchens to be truly safe, smart, and sustainable, you can’t discriminate between fats, oils, and greases. [The] Direct Plumb® Oven System is another tool operators can use to handle these waste products holistically.”