Frontline International Introduces Reversible Pump Filtration Machine

Two-way pump avoids cross-contamination, keeps vegan dishes vegan

When is a vegan dish not a vegan dish? When it’s fried in the same oil as meat-based foods. Even if you regularly filter your cooking oil, standard filtration procedures send oil from all vats through a common plumbing system, where they become commingled. Once this pool of oil is filtered and pumped back into the vats, your vegan dishes become tainted with traces of meat from the other vats’ oil. Frontline International, creators of smart cooking oil management solutions, eliminates the problem with the new Reversible Pump Filter Machine.

With the Reversible Pump Filter Machine, the two-way pump both sucks out the oil from the individual vegan-designated vat and pumps it back in after filtering. There’s no longer any need to use the fryer’s common drain. Vegan stays vegan.

Here’s how it works. At filtration time, before draining vats, first use the Reversible Pump Filter Machine to suck used oil from the vegan tank. The machine filters the oil separate from oil drained from the other vats. When finished, reverse the pump and pump filtered oil back into the vegan vat. The oil never comes in contact with any oil used to fry meat-based food products.

Eating vegan is among the fastest-growing diets in the world, with the U.S. alone seeing a 600% increase between 2014 and 2017. The adoption of a vegan diet is in line with recent trends toward healthier eating, which has gradually been on the rise and has seen increased interest as the link emerges between a healthy lifestyle and milder COVID-19 symptoms. In short, more foodservice customers are expecting vegan options when they choose where to dine.

The Reversible Pump Filter Machine can also keep different oil types separate as well, for restaurants that offer a range of oils for different dishes. This is ideal for Frontline’s EZ Oil fresh oil system, which uses boxed oil—available in innumerable variations for health and flavor benefits—instead of bulk oil.

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