Frontline International Redesigns M3 System Web Interface

Easier than ever to monitor and control cooking oil usage

Frontline International’s exclusive M3 data management system is widely acclaimed for empowering kitchen managers to control and monitor their cooking oil using a central, web-based utility. It is now even better with a redesigned online dashboard that makes it easier than ever for users to tap into a complete accounting of all things cooking oil, saving oil and optimizing chain practice. 

M3 (Monitor, Measure and Manage) is an optional add-on system that works in concert with all of Frontline’s cooking oil management systems—from fresh oil to waste oil—and can be accessed online at any time from any computer, digital tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. The new, redesigned web interface make it even easier to set accurate, smart controls on all aspects of a kitchen’s cooking oil.

“The industry has responded well to this ability to get the most out of their oil from anywhere,” said Giovanni Brienza, vice president of Frontline International. “Now, with these upgrades, we hope even more kitchens will give M3 a try and see how it maximizes efficiency and profits.” 

The cleaner, more intuitive design of the online dashboard enhances at-a-glance understanding of current oil usage, with customizable settings telling the story in bold graphic displays. Users select the information they want to appear and where, with access at the macro, micro, and granular levels. Widgets can be chosen and arranged at-will, giving users the precise information they want. M3 also generates reports that are customized according to user preferences.

M3, a past winner of the prestigious Kitchen Innovations™ Award from the National Restaurant Association, empowers users to track all statistics concerning cooking oil, even across multiple units and franchise locations, and compare them daily, weekly, or monthly. Operators can view usage, schedule renderer pickups, perform diagnostics, and lock and unlock storage tank collection ports remotely, as well as schedule alerts to signal franchisees, oil collection companies, or multiple entities before waste tanks ever reach full status.

M3 can also calibrate the quality of fresh oil. When combined with Frontline’s EZ Oil™ fresh-oil dispensing system, users can program fryers to automatically top-off and filter oil—all in an effort to enhance the taste of food product and ensure consistent results. The tool also works with a battery of fryers by reading the needs of each individual piece of equipment and what it’s cooking.

About Frontline International

Frontline International, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes superior commercial foodservice equipment for the storage, handling, and disposal of cooking oil. Customers own their own equipment, negotiate their own oil rebates, and have the freedom to choose their own oil vendors. The company also offers turnkey oil management under its OilCare® bundled services program. Frontline International and its Smart Oil Management® systems offer users more freedom and more control over their processes and their profits. For more information, contact Frontline International, Inc. at 187 Ascot Parkway, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223. Phone: +1 330-861-1100. Toll free: 1-877-776-1100. Web: Email: