Frontline International’s Low-Profile Transport Caddy Is a Cleaner, Safer Way to Dispose of Grease

Rotisserie chicken ovens are a high-margin addition to professional foodservice kitchens, with seemingly just one drawback: the mess. A single rotisserie can discharge up to 70 pounds of grease each day, and all that rendered chicken fat needs somewhere to go. Gravity sends it dripping downward, where standard collection pans just can’t keep up.

One solution is Frontline International’s Low-Profile Transport Caddy. Smooth-rolling with heavy-duty casters, the stainless steel caddy slides right under the rotisserie oven and holds up to 75 pounds of grease. When the caddy is full, simply secure the lid, roll it to the containment tank, connect the hose, and pump out the contents. There’s no mess to clean up and no need for employees to handle hot grease, which significantly reduces the risk of slips, falls, and burns.

The Low-Profile Transport Caddy’s ease of use promotes compliance with proper grease disposal protocols, saving the environment and city pipes from the ravages of grease that is poured down the drain. The Environmental Protection Agency says this practice is responsible for nearly half of all sewer blockages in the U.S. each year, costing millions in repairs. Further, ground water polluted with grease kills plants and animals and damages ecosystems.

Frontline International is a trusted partner in complete cooking oil solutions for the foodservice kitchen. While the caddy needs just 8.25 inches of clearance, the company’s team can even custom engineer one that sits extra-low to the ground. Safety features include a lid latch and a breakaway power cord to prevent tip-overs and tripping hazards.

A critical companion to any rotisserie oven, Frontline International’s Low-Profile Transport Caddy is the ideal way to eliminate a messy kitchen job while helping to assure quality and safety.

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