Frontline’s M3 Data Management Software—Now Featured in YouTube Video

Explore the Features and Functions of Frontline’s M3 Data Management Software—Now Featured in YouTube Video

Winner of National Restaurant Association’s 2013 Kitchen Innovations Award

In just as little as three minutes, YouTube viewers can see how they can measure, monitor, and manage their waste cooking oil with Frontline International’s revolutionary M3 Data Management Software. The M3 System—winner of the 2013 Kitchen Innovations™ (KI) Award from the National Restaurant Association—is an optional web-based software package that pairs with Frontline’s waste oil containment systems and gives managers a dashboard for tracking oil usage, standardizing filtration, scheduling pickups, measuring diagnostics, and more.

Available for viewing at (or on the Frontline website), the video demonstrates how waste oil tanks become beacons of essential information and are the “smart” part of Frontline’s Smart Oil Management. Customers can track and monitor oil usage data at all units and track their waste oil profits.The age of oil, its chemical composition, fry temperature, and regular filtration all affect the taste of fried foods. M3 gives store owners and managers the information they need to optimize the quality of the oil in their fryers. Restaurants, grocers, schools, hotels, and other foodservice establishments can now track and adjust oil change-out and filtration practices to help ensure procedural uniformity as well as food quality and consistency. Current and historical data is available online, and multi-unit franchises can access data for their complete footprint.

About Frontline International

Frontline International, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes superior commercial foodservice equipment for the storage, handling, and disposal of cooking oil. With Frontline, you own your own equipment, negotiate your own oil rebates, and have the freedom to choose your own oil vendors. Frontline and its Smart Oil Management systems offer users more freedom and more control over their processes and their profits. For more information, contact Frontline International, Inc. at 187 Ascot Parkway, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223. Phone: +1 330-861-1100. Toll free: 1-877-776-1100. Web: E-mail: