Frontline’s Mobile Oil-Containment Tank Is a Dual Solution for Operators of Small/Large Facilities

Safe and easy storage and transport of waste oil

Frontline International, a leading provider of Smart Oil Management systems for foodservice operators, is pleased to introduce the Tank Tank, a new mobile containment tank for used cooking oil. This concept — a mobile containment tank — is revolutionary and, depending on the size and volume of the foodservice establishment, actually becomes two products in one.

First, for large establishments with either remote waste cooking oil containment or central containment for many fryers positioned in varied locations, the new mobile containment tank acts much like an oversized caddy system — a collection system popularized when directly pumping a fryer to the containment tank was impossible or considered too costly or too complex. The new Tank Tank is a safe, easily wheeled tank that can be positioned close to the fryer, whereupon the fryer contents can be suctioned into the Tank. The mobile tank then can be moved to other fryers and, when it is full, operators simply wheel this temporary storage unit to a permanently positioned, centrally located containment tank, remove the Tank Tank’s lid, and pump used oil into the permanent tank. All hoses and attachments come standard with the mobile Tank Tank.

“The system was really designed to facilitate oil collection for multiple users in one place,” said Giovanni Brienza, vice President, Frontline International. “It’s ideal for owners of small storefront restaurants that are part of a food court. They often have to transport waste oil to storage tanks at a central location. The mobile tank allows you to wheel large volumes of used oil to the shared containment tank. This is also ideal for stadiums, casinos, airports and more.” Brienza further explained that the tank eliminates hand carrying of buckets, exposing customers to liability.

Second, for smaller establishments with a low fryer volume, the new mobile containment tank can serve as a clean, safe, all-in-one solution. Small bars or restaurants that serve fried foods would otherwise need to rely on an outdoor (and thus non-secure) corral or some other simple containment medium because the volume simply does not rise to a level that would warrant plumbed waste oil containment systems. With the Tank Tank, operators can now simply roll the tank to the fryer, then roll the tank back to its permanent position. Used cooking oil can be stored in the tank until the rendering company comes to collect it.

“Smaller operators and stores with lower used-oil turnover will find our new mobile tank to be the perfect fit for their needs,” explained Brienza. “Whether you are an independent owner or a fast food franchisee in a food court, Frontline has solutions for your waste oil management needs.”

All Frontline equipment is backed by a one-year warranty on both parts and labor.

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