Increase the Value of Cooking Oil With a Frontline International Filtration System

Restaurants operate on thin profit margins. But compromising on quality or taste is never an option. Frontline International’s approach to Smart Oil Management™ includes custom oil filtration systems that allow owners and operators to get as much as 20 to 50 percent longer fry life than with unfiltered oil. The company’s Flexible Filter System is a standalone oil filtration system that allows users to easily change filter media according to needs and usage. If your fryer does not have built-in filtration, the Frontline International Caddy System with filtration option could be an ideal solution for you. It converts a simple oil transport caddy into a powerful filtration system.

With the Flexible Filter System filtration caddy, you can choose from two filtration media: stainless steel or paper. You can choose different media from store to store, or switch filters depending on the type and quantity of fried foods. Best practices depend on volume and the types of food you are frying.

Paper filters are another great, cost-effective way to increase oil’s frying life. With this no-loose-powder paper filter, less oil is absorbed into the food as long as the filter is changed daily.

Finally, stainless steel is the most affordable medium. It is reusable and will not tear, rust, or rupture under normal use. And since moisture doesn’t affect stainless steel, the filter won’t get clogged.

Oil is directly tied to the condition and consistency of your fried foods, and the Flexible Filtration System can help regardless of the type or size of fryer you use. Contact Frontline International to find out how to achieve the cost-savings benefits of filtered oil. All of Frontline International’s systems include a one-year warranty on both parts and labor.

About Frontline International

Frontline International, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes superior commercial foodservice equipment for the storage, handling, and disposal of cooking oil. Customers own their own equipment, negotiate their own oil rebates, and have the freedom to choose their own oil vendors. Frontline International and its Smart Oil Management systems offer users more freedom and more control over their processes and their profits. For more information, contact Frontline International, Inc. at 187 Ascot Parkway, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223. Phone: +1 330-861-1100. Toll free: 1-877-776-1100. Web: Email: