Oil Management Equipment Leader Reveals Re-Engineered Product Lineup

Frontline International, global leader in the creation of smart cooking oil management solutions, has redesigned its used oil tanks to keep foodservice kitchens in better shape. And that shape is … square. The indoor world has corners everywhere, even in kitchens. With their new square shape, Frontline used oil tanks can easily tuck into corners, out of the way, taking up less room. Best of all, they store more oil in less space!

That means more critical space for other kitchen operations, greater ease of kitchen design, and more rebates on used cooking oil (UCO).

In the past two decades, rebates have soared by 500%, currently standing at approximately $2.25 USD per gallon. The average restaurant will produce at least 1500 gallons of UCO per year, for an annual return of about $3,375. Which speaks to the importance of a smart, high-quality used oil collection tank.

Frontline beta-tested its square tank in a smaller, 150-gallon format. The results were so successful, the company is going square with its entire line of UCO tanks. They’re available now.

Frontline perfected the safe, sustainable, cost-efficient lifecycle of cooking oil with the help of UCO tanks that make recycling easy, keep workers away from hot grease, and maximize the profit-potential of every gallon. These redesigned tanks carry on that tradition, just without the rounded edges. Getting cornered never felt so good!

For more information, visit www.frontlineii.com.