The Super Cooking Oil Collection and Cleanup Solution for Supercenter Food Operations

Frontline’s easily wheeled Tank Tank keeps spent grease trapped inside

In many communities, retail supercenters have replaced the town square, offering a collection of products—including food—that in days gone by used to be spread among several smaller shops. This versatility brings stunning convenience to consumers, but also poses unique challenges to operators. They must find a way to be all things to all people. One aspect of this involves the diversity of food now expected to be available to shoppers, including a dizzying mix of complete take-home meals, rotisserie chicken, grab-and-go items, snacks, coffee and drinks, and full-service delis.

It’s not only hard to keep straight; it’s hard to maintain. Grease generated by cooking oil fryers, combi ovens, convection ovens, and other commercial ovens scattered throughout a location can create logistical problems, to say nothing of cleanliness issues and slip-and-fall hazards that pose a threat to both guests and employees.

Frontline International’s Tank Tank mobile waste oil collection system (Model 74SS-NA) was specifically designed for these diverse environments. The 74-gallon Tank Tank is a safe temporary tank that acts as an oversized caddy system. Containment options include pouring spent grease into the tank or using the unit’s integral pump and wand to draw oil into the tank.

Called Tank Tank because it’s an oil tank and also mobile and rugged like a military tank, it can be easily wheeled to each location and accepts multiple deposits before needing to be emptied. Once oil is housed safely inside, it can be transported with no hazardous sloshing. It’s locked in!

When the tank is full, operators can simply wheel it to a permanently positioned, centrally located containment tank and pump the used oil into the permanent tank. It helps eliminate the risk of burns, slips, and falls, which can often increase in likelihood when employees walk any distance with exposed oil. All hoses and attachments come standard on the Tank Tank, which can also serve as its own secure storage tank for smaller operations with a lower used oil turnover.

In addition to supercenter environments, the Tank Tank is also ideal for malls, sports stadiums with concession stands, conference centers, airports, casinos, and colleges and universities, among others.

Tank Tank is also available in a 47-gallon capacity (Model 47SS-NA) for smaller operations.