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Direct-Plumbed® Used Oil Management System enhances university foodservice sustainability, safety

Classes are back in session at colleges and universities, which often lead the charge in sustainability and environmental awareness. It becomes a practical matter in today’s student and faculty dining facilities, in which efficiently managing cooking oil and reducing waste are key aspects of sustainable kitchen design. No matter how old the campus buildings are or what challenges are faced with space and safety requirements, Frontline International can enhance university kitchen sustainability efforts.

Frontline’s easy-to-use Direct-Plumbed® used oil management system is ideal for operations heavily reliant on student employees. Young workers are at a higher risk of injury on the job, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. No one should have to carry buckets of oil through kitchens and up and down stairs, and dumpsters are unsightly and unsanitary.

The fully automated Direct-Plumbed system is Frontline International’s safest used oil management system, and it’s easy to operate, requiring just the push of a button. Filtered used oil is plumbed to flow out of fryers and into a Frontline International storage tank with no contact with employee hands.

Not only does a Direct-Plumbed system enhance employee safety, it also makes for easier oil collection by renderers. Used oil or grease flows from the fryers directly to secure tanks housed inside or outside. Frontline International’s stainless steel used oil tanks have collection ports designed with a locking anti-theft valve to prevent theft or misuse of used oil.

Frontline’s Direct-Plumbed system is already performing in no less than a storied Ivy League university’s foodservice operation. With a staff of 650, they serve an average of 25,000 meals a day during the academic year and 5 million meals annually. And a lot of those meals involve fryers and cooking oil.

Like many large foodservice operations, prior to Frontline, the university had 55-gallon drums and dumpsters outside for used oil. Employees would try to pour hot oil in and it would spill; it was not a great system. The director wanted a system that would work for all 30 locations in which they operate on campus.

Unlike chain restaurants, the university’s menus are different every day, and they also change seasonally. They needed a solution that could work everywhere there was a fryer on campus, whatever the setup, menu, or volume. In the early 2000s, during a renovation to some operations in its dining facilities, they took the opportunity to install Frontline’s Direct-Plumbed system and haven’t looked back. Since then, they’ve phased it in throughout campus.

Frontline International’s Direct-Plumbed used oil solutions can completely eliminate the need to handle used fryer oil. The equipment is modular, infinitely customizable, and can be installed in a wide variety of university foodservice kitchens, even those with small or complex layouts. Regardless of setup, Frontline International’s efficient, cost-effective systems can decrease hazards for university employees while increasing campus sustainability efforts and maximizing return on investment.

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